Sunday, March 14, 2010

Peach/beige lipgloss?

can anyone recomend a really good peachy/beige colored lipgloss?

Peach/beige lipgloss?
Try Dior plasticgloss in:

Insolent Peach or Maniac Beige. %26lt;3 Jessica Alba wears Maniac you know it's hot! :)

Also Nars has their famous color 'Orgasm' in Lipgloss now and it's puuuuurrrrfect!
Reply:I really like "Sinful Colors" lipgloss. They have a light peach colored lip gloss that isn't super sticky, and isn't overpowering in color. It's the fruit lip gloss, and I believe it's actually called "orange," but looks very beige/peachy. It smells like a creamsicle.
Reply:Korres beauty products have a really nice collection of lipglosses,really smooth and not sticky.Maybe you'll find it a little difficult to find korres products because they arent yet very popularin the usa.If you don't find it try bourgois nude collection,very nice peachy/beige colours
Reply:Mac has a nice one. Its their Lip Glass but sorry I forgot the name.
Reply:ummm try Mac or Avon

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